Ordinary Grace is an extraordinary novel

William Kent Krueger usually writes mysteries, the Cork O’Connor series, which is a treasure in itself. Although Ordinary Grace has more than one murder mystery at it’s core, it is more than a mystery story. The narrator is middle-aged man looking back at the summer he was thirteen. It was a season marked by deaths – accident, natural, suicide, murder – that tore apart a small town and the narrator’s family.

The level of suspense as the tragedies unfold kept me up reading into the small hours. I wanted to know who done it, but even more, I was rooting for Frank, the young protagonist, and hoping that he and his family could find resolution.

Ordinary Grace is also a meditation on life and death, good and evil, but it is never preachy and never ever boring. It was a NYT Bestseller last year and may well be a literary classic, but it is also a page-turning read. Highly recommended. I’m putting it on my permanent shelf, which is a very small space.


About Patricia Dusenbury

Patricia Dusenbury grew up in the Northeast, went to college in the South, and married a southerner. After a lifetime on the east coast, she recently moved to San Francisco. In her previous career, Pat was an economist and the author of numerous dry publications. She is hoping to atone by writing mystery stories that people read for pleasure. The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition named A Perfect Victim, Book 1 of her Claire Marshall trilogy, 2015's best mystery. Book 2, Secrets, Lies & Homicide, was a finalist for the 2016 EPIC award. Book 3, A House of Her Own, is out and completes the trilogy. The first book in Pat's new series, working title Two Weeks in Geary, is a Claymore Award finalist. When she isn’t writing, Pat is reading, gardening, babysitting or exploring San Francisco, the fabulous city that is now her home.
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