Titanium by Linda Varner Palmer

Riley and Zander meet when he interrupts a possible mugging or something worse. Whoever was after her doesn’t give up. There is nail-biting suspense in this romance. Zander, the hero, is a veteran who served in Afghanistan, where he suffered physical and emotional wounds in a horrific attack. Riley, the heroine, is a college student, working at a lousy job to put herself through. She’s been raised by her aunt and uncle because her mother died and her father abandoned her. At least that’s what she thought, but that might not be the whole story. Her father wants back in her life. His re-entry brings trouble.

Linda Palmer weaves sweet romance, the terrible costs of war that don’t end when fighters leave the battlefield, and the dangers of celebrity into a well-written page turner. I received a review copy from the author and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Zander and Riley are appealing and realistic; you will want to get to know them better, and you will be rooting for them.


About Patricia Dusenbury

Patricia Dusenbury grew up in the Northeast, went to college in the South, and married a southerner. After a lifetime on the east coast, she recently moved to San Francisco. In her previous career, Pat was an economist and the author of numerous dry publications. She is hoping to atone by writing mystery stories that people read for pleasure. The Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition named A Perfect Victim, Book 1 of her Claire Marshall trilogy, 2015's best mystery. Book 2, Secrets, Lies & Homicide, was a finalist for the 2016 EPIC award. Book 3, A House of Her Own, is out and completes the trilogy. The first book in Pat's new series, working title Two Weeks in Geary, is a Claymore Award finalist. When she isn’t writing, Pat is reading, gardening, babysitting or exploring San Francisco, the fabulous city that is now her home.
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